Flat Roof Solar Mounting
  • Adjustable Triangle Flat Roof Solar Mounting
    Adjustable Triangle Flat Roof Solar Mounting Jun 01, 2023
    Adjustable Triangle Solar Racking System is specially designed for easy installation of solar panel to tilt a certain angle with flat roof. The mounting system design provides a strong and sturdy support for solar modules, it can be a fixed angle or adjustable such as 10~15 degree, 15~30 degree and 30~60 degree for your requirement. Using our innovative Rail and pre-assembled components like tilt-in T module, clamp kit and highly pre-assembled tilt leg, This Metal Adjustable Tilt Solar Mounting makes the installation easy and quick to save your labor cost and time.TECHNICAL INFORMATIONInstall site :Low profile Roof or flat roofTilt Angle :10~60 degreeBuilding Height:20 mMax Wind Speed:<60m/sSnow Load:<1.4KN/m2Standard :AS/NZS 1170 and other international StandardMaterial :High Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5& Stainless steel 304Anticorrosive: Anodized aluminum & stainless steelColor: Natural and CustomizedWarranty:Ten years warranty and twenty years’ service life     COMPONENT OVERVIEW   Landpower carries many Components for Adjustable Tilt Solar Racking solutions,here are some main components:               EASY INSTALLATION (ADJUSTABLE TRIANGLE SUPPORT)    Our specially design making the legs are adjustable and it come with pre-assembled. Save your installation time!!!       FOUNDATION OPTIONS                  BENEFITS1, Fast InstallationThe tilt-in T module can be put into the extruded rail from the any location and can be highly pre-assembled with the clamp and tilt leg to ensure a fast and easy installation process.2, Flexible ApplicationWith adjustable tilt angles from 10°-60° this mounting system can easily tilt a ideal certain angle with roof, it provides excellent adaptability not only to a wide range of flat roof PV mounting projects but also some sloped roof solar mounting projects.3, EconomicalThe mounting structure is a cost effective mounting solution. The quantity of components can be required and sold according to project specific calculations. The various components can be kept in stock to shorten time between planning and installation.4, Long lifespan All mounting structural components are made of high class stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy, their high resistance to corrosion and they are designed for twenty-year service life and backed by ten years warranty.   We engineer and design Solar Racking/Mounting Hardware for specific solar projects, there may not list all the details of racking in the web,therefore,please don't hesitate to contact us for more details for your specific projects.  
  • How to Install Two Row Panel on Flat Roof
    How to Install Two Row Panel on Flat Roof Jun 05, 2023
    Landpower Two-Row Landscape Flat Roof Solar Mounting is applicable to large scale flat roof,or low        profile Trapezoidal and Corrugated metal roof  module installation. It allow solar array to tilt angle 5-30 deg  with the roof. The solar racking system can be pre-designed a fixed angle for your request and the support  is high Pre-assembled, especially, this system highlights the function that it can be both use as ballasted   system by adding tray on the bottom tube,and be fixeddirectly on the concrete block. The special extruded   aluminum rail, the tilt-in module, the clamp kitand the round leg can be high pre-assembly and make the  installation easy and quick to save your labor cost and time.   TECHNICAL INFORMATION Install site :Low profile Roof or flat roofTilt Angle :5~30 deg (fixed)Building Height:20 mMax Wind Speed:<60m/sSnow Load:<1.4KN/m2Standard :AS/NZS 1170 and other international StandardMaterial :High Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5& Stainless steel 304Anticorrosive: Anodized aluminum & stainless steelColor: Natural and CustomizedWarranty:Ten years warranty and twenty years service life     COMPONENT OVERVIEW   There are just three main components for this Non Penetration Racking Systems ,quite easy to install, save cost :                                  Pre-assembled Support                            Connection Tube                                      End Clamp          ASSEMBLY OF FLAT RACKING   There are just few steps to assembly this solar racking systems. The support is pre-assembled, just open it, fix the upper tubes,clamp the rail and place the solar modules,then the job is finished.       FOUNDATION OPTIONS OF RACKING   It is flexible on foundation option for this racking systems, you can install them on concrete block, I beam steel or install them by using ballasted objects.                   BENEFITS     1,Fast Installation. The Support is pre-assembled,just open it and fix the rail,four steps finish the installations.In addition,The tilt-in module can be put into the extruded rail from the any location and can be high pre-assembled with the clamp.All these minimizes the time and cost of installation.   2,Offer Unmatched Durability: with all structural components comprised of high class stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy, it is designed for twenty years service life and backed by ten years warranty.   3,Stand up to extreme weather. The Landpower this Solar Racking System is designed to stand up to the extreme weather complied with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standard by the skilled engineer.The main support components also have been test to guaranty its structure and load-carrying capacity.   4,Provide Broad Installation Flexibility. These Racking Systems accommodate most of commercially available solar panels and diverse roof types,and they can scale easily from small to large,multi-megawatt installations.     DEMONSTRATION   Landscape with two row:     Please click Landpower Two Row Landscape Solar Mounting for concrete project for your reference!!!    We engineer and design Solar Racking/Mounting Hardware for specific solar projects, there may not list all the details of racking in the web,therefore,please don't hesitate to contact us for more details for your specific projects.
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