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Landpower Solar is a innovative enterprise(manufacturer) specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of Solar Mounting Systems, Solar Racking Components and Solar Panel Frame. We are also a OEM supplier for Manufacturing of Aluminum items and Steel item for solar mounting components.

We highly rely on our Research and Development capability, since foundation Landpower has released and provided a wide range of high-quality and innovative PV mounting systems for residential, commercial and utility-scale customers. Our attention is to create and promote renewable energy solutions making solar installations easy.

Our Mission
Our mission is to deliver high value and cost-efficient solar PV mounting solutions making solar installation easy.

Research and Development
Lanpower highly insists on “Innovative” on products research and development and apply advanced technique equipment to provides effective guarantee to customers with “Professional”, and create more value with “Innovation”.

Pitched Roof Mounting System

The most frequently used roof covering on pitched roofs are roof tiles, corrugated metal sheets, shingle and bitumen.

The variety of roofs covering however is almost infinite. Through many years of working on solar pitched roof system, we have been developed and designed universal systems for most kinds of covering of pitched roof, such as Tile Roof Mounting SystemsMetal Roof Mounting Systems, Shingle/Bitumen Roof Mounting Systems.

These intelligent-designed components like Mid/End Clamp, Roof Hook, L-Bracket, Hanger Bolt and PV Flashing etc. for Pitched roof racking solutions are extensive pre-assembled which minimizes tool requirements, simplify construction and reduce installation time. Read more >>

Flat Roof Mounting System

Landpower Solar also carries wide ranges of flexible PV Mounting Solutions for flat roof, our design concepts not only based on optimizing solar panel absorbing sunlight but also the strength and flexibility  of the PV structure.

Landpower Adjustable Tilt Mounting System is applicable to install modules to tilt a certain angle with the roof to optimize tilt angle with local size to maximize solar module absorbing sunlight.   

Landpower Ballast Mounting System is flexible, cost-effective, and extremely easy to mount, due to their ultra-low component count and low ballast requirements. It allows for maximum energy harvest with its double-sided orientation, optimizing the power density of your installation. Read more >>

Ground Mounting System

Landpower focus on structural safety, we design project by project  to meet the wind, snow loads and other local specific conditions. Using concrete bases, screw-in or pile driven foundations, our ground mounting system is suitable for almost any ground and soil. They are just as flexible as your requirements.

Landpower AL Ground Mounting System is coming with pre-assembled Aluminum components and it is designed and engineered flexibly with solutions of Ground Screw foundation, Concrete  foundation and Pile-Driven foundations.

Landpower IR Ground Mounting System is mixture sturdy racking systems both of Aluminum and steel. It is pre-assembled with Ground Screw foundation, Concrete  foundation and Pile-Driven foundations as well.

Our ground mount racking system AL Ground Racking System and IR Ground Racking System come with custom pre-assembled parts and require fewer assemble tools so you can minimize onsite field labor and lower your overall cost. Read more >>

Customized Solutions

The variety of roofs, building and ground however is almost infinite. Landpower has many years’ experiences in PV solar module mounting technique field.We are capable to designs, engineers, and manufactures solar mounting solutions for customized solar installations. 

Our customized solar racking solutions apply high wear-resistant materials to resist wind, snow loads and other corrosive action. Our comprehensive utilization of the aluminum alloy anodized, ultra thick hot-dip galvanizing, stainless steel and anti-UV aging technology process to ensure the service life of our solar panel mounting.

We are meticulously engineer on product with a focus on developing low-cost, high quality products that minimize assembly time. Please just tell us the local conditions, we will do rest thing for you.